Serious Gaming for Surgical Education

"Welcome to the our clinical simulation based Serious game. We hope that you will find it informative and engaging and that, after you have worked through it, you will take a little time to complete our evaluation questionnaire. Your feedback will be extremely valuable to us in putting any final touches to the Game, ahead of making it more widely available, and in informing future developments in Serious Gaming.
We hope that, by virtue of it being highly interactive, the Game will reinforce your learning and will support the decision making skills you have already developed in the workplace or on courses. In it, you will find cases covering a range of common surgical situations, which should allow you to make decisions in a safe environment and to receive feedback.

When you go into the Game, you will find that there are three different clinical /surgical contexts, referred to as 'levels'. These levels reflect the different working patterns encountered by junior doctors. The level of difficulty increases from routine working to working at night.

In each situation, after the team has introduced themselves, you will be required to do a "virtual" ward round involving a small group of patients whose pictures will appear at the top of the screen. As you click on each one in turn, you will learn more about that patient and about the things that need to be done for them. Patient notes and charts, etc, are included but you might find it helpful to have a pad and a pen to hand, so that you can make some notes as you go along.

You will see too, that there is a clock at the top of the screen. This is because some of the jobs, such as the ordering of certain investigations, are time sensitive.There is no actual limit on the time that you can take to complete any level of the Game although you might want to use the clock to give you an indication of how well you have managed your time. 

Finally, feedback will be available for all of the cases on the completion of each level. This has been designed to reflect the objectives for each job and what was expected from the player. As things stand at the moment, it  is not possible to give individualised feedback, based on the performance of each player, but this is something that we will hope to do in future projects"

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